Bestselling Author

TyGrayEL is a renowned Author, Poet and SpokenWord Artist. 
As founder of the Breath Of My Ancestors Podcast and the BOMA Project he raises self esteem and the quality of life among African Americans, including the Diaspora at-large, using the time-tested arts of  spoken word poetry and storytelling.

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TyGrayEL has been writing poetry since he was 7. 

Today he is a spoken word artist and the first recognized Poet Laureate in the 200+ year history of the African Methodist Episcopal. Church. He teaches the history of our people through his poems and originally written slave narratives. He has positively affected millions using spoken word and storytelling to transform their lives.

Ty grew up in the first all black public housing project in America and rose from the depths of poverty, drug addiction and incarceration to become an author, lecturer and recording artist with more than 40 years of sobriety.  

Having once been labeled "ineducable" he has learned that self awareness and high self esteem is a teachable, transferable skill. It is his desire to educate both young and old of the African Diaspora and remind them that  they can overcome willful miseducation and accomplish what they will.

It is an amazing thing to see the light come on in a persons eyes when they hear something encouraging about their ancestors. As the creator of the 'Breath Of My Ancestors Podcast' he has witnessed this transformation thousand of times and as a result, It has become his life’s mission to turn on as many lights as possible.